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LJ Idol Entry

The story so far: The woman and the dragon continue on their epic journey to improve the dragon’s image.


<Cut to the throne room>

“You’re here to do what?” Asked the king dubiously.

The woman answered confidently. “We’re on an image improvement campaign. The dragon is sorely misunderstood and we just want to set the record straight.” Nearby, twenty of the king’s personal guard stood nervously, weapons pointed in the dragon’s direction, knees shaking and hands slippery with sweat.

“I’m not sure if that’s a good idea,” scoffed the king. “How do you even know he’s misunderstood? He might very well have a well deserved bad reputation. For all we know he’s the one that took those 80 sheep that went missing last year.”

“Well,” the dragon coughed, looking embarrassed. “That might have been me… you see I had a girlfriend at the time, she was very into crafting…”

“And weren’t you the one that turned the queen’s entire swan collection into an enormous foie gras?” Piped up one of the guards.

“Surely, it wasn’t all of them…”

“And what about that missing platoon? There was a rumor about that too? Something about using breastplates to tile a cave?”  Added the minister of magic with a hint of malice.

“It had to be less than 20, and I was simply building a stove…”

“And what about my brother?” said the king, looking more than slightly annoyed. “There are some rumors about what happened to him as well.”

“Um, well,” the dragon said looking more than slightly uncomfortable. “In my defense he was trespassing, and I was quite peckish at the time….”

“Are you telling me,” sputtered the king, “that this collection of rumors, of urban myths, can all be traced back to you?!”

The dragon looked at the woman, “Maybe we should try this again another time. I feel we may have overstayed our welcome.”

<Cut to the chase scene>

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